Nemesister and Astrothrill

Cheeky Press is the self-publishing small press label run by Craig Clark and his wife Laura Behary. Our releases are Nemesister 1-7, Astrothrill comic/CD, and the Kustomonsters coloring book.

Nemesister comic from Cheeky Press

Nemesister covers 1-7

Nemesister comics are available in our Etsy store

Click image below to see all six Nemesister issues as a slideshow!

Nemesister animated!

Nemesister- Nemesister A Go Go
Nemesister- Rio Underground
Astrothrill Desert Planet Disk Cover

Click image below to see the Astrothrill comicbook as a slideshow!

The Kustomonsters Coloring book available in our Etsy store!


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