FX Animation and VFX

Forrest Gump– During the 90’s, FX animators (and everyone else) were more or less forced to come to terms with the computer. I wasted no time, and ventured to I.L.M.in 1994 to animate J.F.K. on the Oscar winning FORREST GUMP, among other shows. I worked closely with Doug Chaing and the rest of the very talented I.L.M. crew, as I cut my teeth on the world of UNIX, Softimage, and a myriad of other tools of the modern digimator.

Bill & Teds– Especially fun was, BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, who I believe is the slightly more intellectual cousin of Bevis and Butthead. Lot’s o’ FX in this one, even Cray generated background plates for their flythroughs to the next dimension! Check out my demo reel page for my shots.

Fievel Goes West– In 1989 I traveled to London’s Amblimation to work on FIEVEL GOES WEST, as an FX animator. This classic movie not only opened my eyes to life outside of Hollywood, but also gave me the opportunity of working in a more illustrative style once again. The Amblimation studio was later folded into Dreamworks SKG. Check out my demo reel page for my shots.

Addams Family Values electricity animation.

Big Trouble in Little China electricity animation.

Cool World -In 1991, legendary Ralph Bakshi’s COOL WORLD called for “electricity FX”, among other exciting shots. I worked all the way through to the last shot with an animation original, Mr. Bakshi. Check out my demo reel page for my shots.

Misfits of ScienceUniversal TV’s Misfits of Science (with Courtney Cox) was the ticket in 1985. I gained the reputation as one of the Hollywood “electricity guys”, rendering hand drawn, optically printed FX in a pre-digital age.

Addams Family Values – 1993 Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure 1987 Bill Trouble in Little China 1986 Fievel Goes West 1990 Nightmare on Elm Street -1987 Misfits of Science -1985 Automan – 1984


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