Animation Reel

Craig Clark Demo Reel

00:00 Craig Clark Title – designed and animated in After FX

8:00 Forrest Gump – animated JFK’s mouth with Elastic Reality and Photoshop.

15:00 The Mask – mattes & paint work on crazy legs, Parallax & Viewpoint

18:00 – mattes on mask, Parallax

21:00 Godzilla – As technical director I generated elements for compositing using Renderman and Softimage. Utilizing provided animation & pre-tracked camera data, at least six to eight elements were generated using prgirl and mental ray. The searchlights were animated by myself as well. The resulting elements were then integrated into the Centropolis rendering pipeline.

35:00 Mortal Kombat– Animated Reptile character in Softimage, composited in Eddie, rendered in IM render and Softimage

48:00 Phildelphia Experiment – hand drawn electricity animation

57:00 Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure – hand drawn fx animation

1:04:00 Fievel Goes West – hand drawn fx animation- all elements

1:23:00 Addams Family Values – hand drawn electricity animation

1:30:00 Automan – hand drawn fx animation

1:34:00 Misfits of Science – hand drawn fx animation

1:40:00 Nightmare on Elm Street 3 – hand drawn fx animation

1:44:00 Cool World– hand drawn fx animation – all elements

1:49:00 Astrothrill – animated and designed all in Flash based on my self-published comic book; Astrothrill

1:56:00 Kustomonsters – animated and designed all in flash as part of syndicated TV series

2:15:00 Simpson’s Gameboy – (1990) -animator

2:21:00 Flinstones Fruity Pebbles– Flash vector animation assist on 2d elements

2:27:00 Golden Grahams – (1986) – animator

2:30:00 Baby Boom – (1988) – designed and animated

2:33:00 Nemesister – (1997) – designed and animated, based on my self-published comic book; Nemesister

2:39:00 Taxi Oddesey – designed and animated all scenes in Flash

2:46:00 Woodstock Manor– directed, designed and animated

2:56:00 Peanuts- Nasa Space Station– animated

3:07:00 Timbuktu– directed, designed and animated

3:13:00 Ty Girlz– directed, designed and animated

3:16:00 Cacophony– directed, designed and animated

3:30:00 Christmas in the Trenches– directed, designed and animated

3:43:00 Craig Clark Title – designed and animated in After FX


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