Music videos

Nymphs- “Alright”. Inger Lorre and the Nymphs in an early re-worked video from their demo days around 1988. Directed by Craig Clark

Astrothrill- “Diamond Dreams” from the Craig Clark comic book/CD/animation project, “Astrothrill Desert Planet Disk” in 1999. Directed by Craig Clark.

Leaving Trains- “Sue Wants To Sleep”. Falling James and the Leaving Trains  from the album Transportational D’ Vices. Directed by Craig Clark and Eric Ramsey.


Texas Terri– “Me Mad”. From The Kustomonsters show #9, the feamle Iggy Pop rocks out with Hot Rod art from Simpson’s animator Mark Ervin. Directed by Craig Clark.

Chorus of Souls– “Seaside Man” From the self-titled album from Chorus of Souls featuring drums by Craig Clark. Directed by Craig Clark.

Symbol Six– “Skull and Bones” Los Angeles band Symbol Six performs on the Kustomonsters show #7, directed by Craig Clark.

Bubblegum Death Experience– “Suburban Chic” From the underground band Bubblegum Death the song “Suburban Chic” on the Kustomonsters show#5. The was originally written for the band SofaMusik by Craig Clark. Directed by Craig Clark.

Didi Pop – “Feed the Pet”. I’ve done several videos for the Los Angeles kids pop singer-songwriter, Didi Pop! This one is in live-action.

Didi Pop– “Goblins”. Here is a spooky kids video Craig Clark animated with Didi Pop’s designs and music.

Didi Pop– “Cool Alphabet Song”. Here’s the hit song from Didi Pop with over 4 millions views. Animation by Craig Clark, designs by Didi Pop.

Didi Pop– “Ring a Ding Jing a Ling Christmas”. Craig Clark designs animated with Didi Pop’s music.



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