Fluxus Records

Fluxus Records is a conceptual label headed by artist/musician/songwriter Craig Clark (ex-Sofa Musik, Bubblegum Death and Chorus of Souls drummer).

Craig also created album cover art for the Nymphs on Geffen Records which was voted the second best album cover of 1991 behind Nirvana’s Nevermind.

The first release was Craig’s darkwave band Chorus of Souls in 1993, which was
followed by the debut album for Drumatic, featuring ex-Caterwaul drummer Kevin Pinnt in 1995. This was quickly followed with the release of the mini-comic CD set for The Bubblegum Death Experience in 1996.

In 1999, Craig  Clark released a comic book/compilation CD called, Astrothrill: Desert Planet Disk, inspired from the Astrothrill © mini-comic on Cheeky Press.

SofaMusik 1980. KNAC airplay and an appearance on in the infamous “New Wave Theater” syndicated TV show. — with Craig Clark, Steve McDonald, Steve Spingola,Tom Bailey and Paul Santos.

Sofa Musik in the New Wave 80’s


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