Flash Animation


Here are some animation tests of various charaters that I designed the Age of Learning’s 3rd grade educational games and activities for the ABCMouse website.

I create and produce the Kustomonsters TV show as an anthology of his my short films from 1983 to the present. The show also features short films from many other independent animators as well as many alternative music videos. The syndicated show  aired on the AMGTV network in the U.S for two years, and  streams on-line at www.kustomonsters.com. Mostly solo animated and with puppets. The Kustomonsters will soon be an 80 minute compilation feature film.

Woodstock Manor is a 9 minute pilot  cartoon that appears in The Kustomonsters episode #6. It features the voice work of legendary comedian John Byner and his daughter Sandra Byner. This was written and animated by Craig Clark and appears on the Kustomonsters show.

 Astrothrill is based on my self-published comic book of the same name. This 10 minute solo animated film premiered at the San Diego Comicon in 2005, and features the voice work of Charlie Sheen’s sister Rene Estevez among others. It is solo animated and appears on the Kustomonsters show.

Timbuktu- Is based on my Cheeky Press mini-comic of the same name. It explores the hooky playing Ray Ray, and his time travels back to the ancient learning center of Timbuktu. This carton was written, voiced and animated by Craig Clark and appears on the Kustomonsters show.

Fruity Pebbles– Yabba Dabba Dooo! In 2006 I helped animate in Flash a 2D/3D combo Fruity Pebbles spot featuring The Flintstones at Wit Animation.

Slacker Cats- While at Animax I animated on a few Slacker Cat shows for ABC Family. Here is a clip to get a feel for the style of the show.

PPGG– I did this 3 minute animaton for Planned Parenthood Golden Gate in 2007.

Taxi Odyssey– I designed and animated various animation inserts for the Taxi Odyssey documentary by Alexia Haidos in 2007.

Tygirlz- Also while at Animax, I wrote, directed and animated this promo video for the Tygirlz.com website. Let’s Go! Let’s Go!


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